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All kinds of Sewing Machinery and Spare Parts

Braiding and Zipper-making Machinery

Cutting and Laying Machines

Digital Printing Machinery and Equipments for Garments

Embroidery Machinery and Equipments

Fabric Grinding Machinery and Accessories

Garment Washing Machineries and Equipments

Garment Finishing Equipments and Systems

Intimate Apparel and Underwear Machinery & Equipments

Ironing and Steaming Equipments & Accessories

Knives, Scissors and tools for Garment Industry

Labeling and Logo Printing Machines

Laundry Machinery and Accessories

Pocket Welting Machines

Quality Control Equipments and Systems for Garment Industry

Software for Design, Data Monitoring, Processing

Transfer Printing Machinery and Equipments

Used Garment Machinery and Accessories


Bleaching & Washing Machinery and Equipments

Cloth Processing Machinery and Accessories

Digital Printing Machinery and Accessories

Dyeing Machinery and Accessories

Fabric Washing Machinery and Equipments

Integrated Textile and Garment Parks

Jet Printed System and Equipments

Knitting & Hosiery Machinery and Accessories

Laser Cutting Machines and Marking Systems

Machinery for Winding, Texturing and Twisting

Spare parts of All kinds of Textile Machinery

Spinning Machinery and Accessories

Testing & Measuring Instruments for Textile Industry

Textile Chemicals, Dyes and Auxiliaries

Textile Screen Printing Machinery

Used Textile Machinery and Accessories

Wrap-knitting Machinery and Equipments

Weaving Machinery and Accessories

Yarn Processing Machinery & Accessories